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A-Z Logostics – Interview with Yusr Sabra Co-founder of Wakilni

Yusr is the co-founder of Wakilni. A doer with a passion for building and empowering productive and happy teams; Yusr established Wakilni – a smart logistics solution focused on e-commerce SMEs – in 2016. Today Wakilni is one of the fastest growing last mile service providers covering all of Lebanon. In 2020, Yusr established the Wakilni E-commerce Hub powered by Antwork which offers e-commerce businesses shelving, storage and fulfillment services in addition to delivery. Yusr was featured by the American University of Beirut as one of the women alumni impacting the world through their work. She is committed to transferring enthusiasm and knowledge and to being the driving force behind creating and delivering services that make people’s lives easier.

Tell us a bit about the story of Wakilni and when did it all start?

In 2015, we had the idea to start a concierge service, basically a service that would allow individuals and home owners to have their errands run such as dropping off laundry, paying bills, watering plants, etc… Soon after we started, we realized that there’s a bigger demand from businesses for courier and delivery like services and that’s when we started focusing on delivery services for E-commerce businesses. Fast forward a few years, towards the end of 2018, we realized that with the large number of ecommerce businesses we are servicing, we have become part of a community to which we can offer beyond delivery services. In 2019, we established the Wakilni e-commerce hub powered by Antwork which offers ecommerce businesses and suppliers of ecommerce businesses, hot-desking, private offices, shelving and storage solutions. We also have a large conference room that can be used for events and workshops.

Can you describe two major productive events for this year?

Between the revolution and covid, events have been pretty shy however we did run two productive one. The first was a legal workshop in partnership with Orurus, the session introduced ecommerce businesses and their founders to what they need to know from a legal perspective about running an ecommerce business.

In January, when startups were facing difficulties with the banks being closed and restrictions to cash and transfers, we held a brain storming session that was attended by a number of business founders who shared the difficulties they were facing and some possible solutions. We look forward to holding additional such events in the near future.

What is your favorite part of being in a co-working space?

The hustle bustle, the energy and the new faces! We love meeting new people and the new ideas they bring to the hub.

What were the challenges that you introduced to adapt workers for this community base culture?

It is still a challenge reminding our team that we are now part of a community and that we share the space with others. Our team can be pretty loud! Of course we hold routine awareness sessions and we post signage on the walls at the hub that acts as a reminder that it’s a shared space. At some point though, it becomes intuitive, and people have adapted.

What advices can you give to a startup moving from a traditional office to coworking space?

Get to know the space well, ask for all the details (opening hours, accessibility, what’s offered, what’s not offered). Co-working spaces means there’s probably much more space and even activities than what you would usually find in a traditional office. Try to find your spots. At the Wakilni hub, most of us have an eating spot, a chilling spot, and a favorite quiet spot to work from.

How do you stay motivated notably in this economic and pandemic phase?

It’s easier to stay motivated when your work is linked to a purpose and when you are surrounded with people who share your purpose. Our community is also our support system. When one of us is having a low day, most likely than not someone will notice and will cheer them up.

What advice can you give to workers not able to balance between personal life and work load time?

I stopped trying to balance personal and work life a long time ago! Running a startup means long hours, no way around it. The Wakilni hub has helped me merge the two so I don’t feel the pressure of always needing to balance my life. My colleagues and team mates are also my friends. We share lunch breaks, coffee breaks (lots of them), we laugh, we play and we hold movie and game nights and we also work and toil together. This might not sound ideal, but I know it works for me and it keeps me sane! 

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Music & More: Interview With Peter Nehme

Music & More provides all music instruments and accessories for groups, individuals, students, professionals, schools and institutes. Excellent quality, competitive prices, great service. “Peter … Music & More” was established in 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon by Peter Nehme (Co-Owner) to provide integrated and one-stop shop music related services and instruments for all music lovers in the world. Peter Nehme, born in a house where music talks, joined the national conservatoire at the age of 3, and completed his studies in solfege and theory at the age of 5, before he learnt to read the alphabet… Today, Peter Nehme plays on 46 different instruments, created 21 of his own, and written 19 different teaching methods. The company holds a certificate of registration of a registered brand, Peter’s, for all musical instruments manufactured especially for them; features and specifications set by Peter Nehme.

Navigate through the different pages of his website PeterMusic&More, to have a clearer idea of what they do and the products they sell.

A multi talented musician, teacher, instruments manufacturer, and nature photographer, how do you manage to balance between all of them?

From playing music to instruments manufacturing, to lecturing and photography, I’ve refined my given talents with knowledge.
I’ve further learned to manage my time the way a conductor leads an orchestra by studying the scores of different types of instruments and making the perfect adjustments to convey a unified vision of the music out to the audience; therefore considering my experience, time management and rhythm that is key for balance in every life aspect.

What are the main benefits of learning music in early childhood?

Learning music in early childhood ignites all areas of child development and skills including intellectual, social-emotional, and awareness.
Music improves motor skills and coordination, focus and memory and helps children to be disciplined and find their peace of mind and balance in life. It also boosts their self-confidence resulting in projecting a positive energy. However, music accompanies introverts and helps shy people become more open to others.
Furthermore, it gives children with special needs a sense of accomplishment by bridging the gap of communication; it eliminates the barriers of turning their inner feelings into verbal expressions. Music also improves their learning, memory, focus, creativity and imagination. And since it uses the child’s tactile, visual and auditory system providing a whole-body experience, music activates the brain,
therefore making the child analyze his thoughts and emotions which will affect his productivity whether at home or at school.

Playing 46 different musical instruments is a rewarding accomplishment! What’s your favorite instrument?

My love for music, passion for learning and dedication have motivated me to learn any instrument I put my hands on. As for my favorite, can you ask a parent to pick a favorite child? My instruments are my children and I love them all equally, hence I can never answer this question.

What is your philosophy in music education?

It takes me years to describe my philosophy in music but what I can briefly say is that “music is the school of patience”, and one who has patience is able to listen well, learn quickly and thus become a special musician.

What are your top priorities when repairing a rare handmade instrument?

My top priorities when repairing a rare instrument is to keep its sanctity and originality, fixing it without any modifications that make it look repaired. I aim to keep its antiquity so one can still live in its era instead of modernizing it and devaluing it to fit in the era we’re living in.

How did you learn to make music instruments?

It started with transfiguring household utensils and car parts from my father’s garage into musical instruments, then I traveled abroad and majored in musical instruments manufacturing with well-known manufacturers and fabricators.

Do you rely on online purchases and can you ship outside Lebanon?

I don’t rely on online purchases but I take advantage of social media to display my instruments that are all made with utmost love and care, and are not just for trading.
I can consider air freight since it’s the fastest and safest way to deliver the
instruments without risking any damage or possible churn when sea shipping.

Can you tell us about your biggest achievement and award?

The biggest achievement is that manufacturing and high class art last in Lebanon. God has given me remarkable talents that I’m able to convey to a wide range of audience using my voice and knowledge, and this is my biggest award because I believe I’ve been given this gift as a message to share with others through my music.

What is the idea behind Green Concerto?

The concept behind Green Concerto is to return to nature, grounding and
meditating rather than planting and harvesting, nourishing the mind rather than the body. Being a son of nature, Man’s learning to listen and meditate would be a lifechanging achievement. In an open space, unstressed, Man will see things differently. Similarly, Green Concerto transmits a quoted image with a rhythm conveying a state of deep thinking and meditation.

Can you imagine your life without music?

“Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats”.

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The Best Web Solutions to Increase Your Business’s Productivity

It is important for a business organization to have a strong web presence looking at the competitive nature of the digital world. Having a stronghold on the internet gives your business numerous opportunities to grow its influence in the market. Most of the potential consumers prefer to engage online, and they require a suitable communication platform.  In such cases, a website, which is easy and quick to navigate, is a mandatory requirement. For a good web presence, it is important that a suitable web solutions company provide you with the best web solutions.

What Are the Web Solutions That You Need?

Here are some of the best web solutions that we provide to help you deliver a powerful message on the web:-

Attractive and Ultra-Responsive Web Designs

The look of your website has to be one of the major concerns. It should have the right colors that match with your marketing ideas and reflect your brand identity.  The web design should be striking yet simple at the same time. By simple, it means a website design that does not distract your visitor from the information they are looking for on your website. You only have a few seconds to convince a visitor, and for that, attractive website design is necessary.

SEO to Boost Your Business’s Popularity

You have to ensure SEO best practices to rank your website high on search engines. Doing this results in more traffic landing on your website that leads to greater chances of conversion for your business. Search engines are the best portals that direct potential customers to land on your website, and SEO makes you visible on those search engines.

Effective Web Development Strategies for Branding and Communication

Numerous elements can help you establish your brand’s identity. You need to conduct a competitive analysis of your brand’s current position in the market. You have to keep your website design trendy and fresh while ensuring that it reflects your brand’s colors. How easily and conveniently a user is able to browse your website has a direct impact on your brand. From visual appeal to ease of navigation, everything has to be a part of your website development right from the beginning.

Mobile Optimized Website Design

Your web visitors need a good user experience to convince them to explore your website. You have to use web analytics to collect user data that helps you design a user-friendly website. You also have to realize that today, the focus has shifted from user interface to user experience. To ensure flawless UX, your website has to be mobile-optimized. The world now has billions of mobile users. Therefore, you have no excuse to ignore these users when designing your website.

Social Media Management

When it comes to marketing and advertisement, social media has been quite a success. Nowadays, consumers prefer platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as their primary sources of information. Today, your web content should link to your social media pages. Doing this will increase your web traffic to give your business the much-needed boost. Only an experienced web solutions provider can ensure effective, powerful, and result-oriented social media marketing strategy for your website.

Finding a reliable web-solution service agency can be quite difficult. The perfect company should be able to market your services flawlessly while incorporating the various components of digital marketing.

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What is Web Application Development and What is its Use

Thanks to the new age of development and technology there are many new techniques and processes for creating applications and software. One such term often thrown around by different tech savvy individuals is web application development. Now you must be wondering what is web application development and how important is it. So in order to help answer these questions, here is a guide to web application development and what its uses are.

Web Application Development

Web application development is the combination of different practices and processes that people practice in order to properly develop web applications. While these processes may have a different name, they are quite similar to the many standard software engineering practices. That said, these processes are very different from their standard counterparts.

Unlike other application development software, web application development software focus more on a more business oriented approach. This means all of their processes focus more on a client and business relationship and is more of a platform for multiple clients to engage and communicate with the business.

Like any business venture there are varying levels of risk attached to the type of content that you make by using these methods. For example a web page is less likely to cause any financial or reputable problems rather than a proper auction website with millions of dollars on the line.

In order to develop applications that do not falter or succumb to the various problems that plague different websites such as bugs and glitches, the tools that developers use must be exceptional. Depending on the type of application they are developing, the development team responsible for the web application can use various different methods or tools to craft their application.

One of the most reliable technologies that a person can use for web application development is ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a very reliable, open source, web application development software that most developers use when working on their applications.

Another very famous programming language for web development is JavaScript. JavaScript is a very high level programming language that is more prototype based than other programming languages.

Web Application Development Uses

By now you have probably understood the uses of web application development. Web application development allows people to properly develop and create webpages that can function at their fullest without crashing or a ceasing to work.

People often use web development software to construct very detailed auction sites or other different types of client interaction sites where a business and a client can interact. Most of these websites or pages use web application development techniques in order to create the perfect web application.