A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on Facebook

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on Facebook

In the process of looking for new ways to boost your company’s image and boost sales, you have probably faced one important question: “How can you get information about your brand in front of people?” The answer: you need to know exactly where people are. And, without doubt, Facebook is where you can find many people to market your brand.
The market leader Facebook is the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered users and currently has more than 1.55 billion monthly active users. And, on any given day, 48% of these users log in. So, you can spread information about your brand to a huge audience by creating a Facebook page and following these tips below:
Give People a Reason to Join Your Page– A Clear Call-To-Action
Why should people join your page? What are you offering that others don’t? Give people a reason to like or join your page by creating a strong call-to-action or a campaign. For instance, you can create a campaign that encourages users to like your page to receive special discounts or a free trial. Similarly, you can create a strong call-to-action, like “Got some spare time? Come volunteer for our latest “so and so” project. Or if you are busy now, cheer us on from the sidelines”. This way, you can offer real value to your target audience, hence resulting in an increase in conversion rates.

Stay on Topic – Post Articles/Blogs Related to Your Brand/Industry
People who join your Facebook page are likely to expect posts related to your industry or brand. So, don’t go on posting things about the Kardashians and focus on providing relevant information to your audience. There are plenty of things you can write or share on Facebook. For instance, you can write about an upcoming event and tie it to your brand. You can share funny or humorous YouTube videos loosely related to your business or even ask the audience to post stories, questions, or pictures about their experiences with your brand.

Ask the Right Kind of Questions – Be Friendly and Easy to Communicate With
Without doubt, one of the best ways to get your fans engaged and involved with your brand is to ask interesting questions. So, don’t be afraid to share or ask a few personal questions. If done correctly, you can build great relationships and significantly increase your fan engagement. However, ask questions that are easy to respond to. For instance, if your brand offers event and concert management, a good question would be, “How can you describe your first experience at a concert?” Get the drift?

Include Pictures in Your Facebook Updates – A Picture Speaks a 1000 words
Where Twitter is a link economy, Facebook operates as a picture and video economy. Therefore, always include picture and videos in your posts. This way, you can increase your engagement with customers and improve the chances of getting more people to join your Facebook page. Posting images increases the chances of users sharing your posts. This as a result leads to increased page likes, especially if your picture touches the hearts of customers.
Last, but not the least, celebrate your milestones with your fans. Reached 1,000 likes on your Facebook page? Go crazy, celebrate with your fans, and offer them something unique!

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